BioParque – Adventure for All Ages in Viseu

Come to the BioParque for one day….or many. It’s a place where families can rest…..or experience a variety of adventures. The mountain and forest provide many different activities, from hiking, biking and climbing, to archery, rappelling, and canoeing. The AquaBio is a 500sqm pool...
Complexo Desportivo Príncipe Perfeito

Príncipe Perfeito Sports Complex in Viseu

The Príncipe Perfeito (Perfect Prince) Sports Complex is a space dedicated to sports, entertainment and leisure, and offers numerous activities for adults and children. Those who crave physical fitness…and fun….will surely find a whole range of activities to enjoy.
Parque Aquatico Viseu

Parque Aquático in Viseu

Parque Aquático at the Príncipe Perfeito Sports Complex in Viseu is the perfect place to cool off on hot summer days. Three curvy crazy waterslides take you on an exhilarating ride that ends with a splash into a deep pool. A large communal pool...