natalandia zoo lagos 2013

Natalândia at Lagos Zoo 2017

Spend this holiday season with Santa, Rudolf and all the animals at Natatlândia at Zoo Lagos, in the Algarve. From 8-31 December 2017, the zoo is transformed into a winter wonderland...
Pro Putting Garden Lagos

Pro Putting Garden – Mini-Golf for the Family in Lagos, Algarve

It doesn’t have a crazy windmill or a wacky castle, but it does have a spitting frog and a pull-yourself raft. Pro Putting Garden is a miniature golf fun park for serious golfers…and their families! The beautifully-landscaped garden with frolicking maiden sculptures is just a three-minute walk from the historic center of Lagos in the western Algarve.
Museu de Cera dos Descobrimentos lagos algarve wax museum,

Wax Museum of the Portuguese Discoveries – Lagos, Algarve

In the 15th century, due to its location on the southwestern-most point of the country, Lagos became the center of Portuguese maritime exploration. Ships sailed south to trace the shoreline of Africa in order to find routes to India. As well, ships loaded with spices and goods from the “new worlds” flowed back into Lagos. Over the centuries, the port city has always remained an important maritime gateway from Portugal to the world.
Centro Ciencia Viva Lagos

Children’s Life Science Center – Lagos

Portuguese seafarers of the past were inquisitive, determined and adventurous. At the Ciência Viva Center in Lagos, kids discover what it’s like to walk in the shoes of navigators and scientists. Many interactive displays explain how history, science and technology crisscross in an educational and entertaining way.