Feira de Santa Iria, Faro – 20-29 October 2017

One of the Algarve most popular and most attended fairs returns to Faro this month. The Feira de Santa Iria runs from 20 to 29 October at Parque de São Francisco in near the marina in Faro...
bone chapel faro

Bone Chapel – Faro

In the Bone chapel of faro, it is written of the door, “Stop here and think of the fate that will befall you – 1816”. Not that you have anything to worry about. The skulls, femurs, vertebrae and other human bones are of monks of the local Carmelite order. This strange décor is actually a ...
Jewish Heritage Center Faro Isaac Britton Museum

Jewish Cemetery & Isaac Bitton Museum – Faro

he Faro Jewish Cemetery is the last remaining vestige of the post inquisition Jewish presence in the Algarve. 106 graves in the cemetery, which is paved with Portuguese calçada. 71 of the graves have inscriptions indicating burials took place here from 1838 to 1932. There is a tahara house...

Maritime Museum – Faro

The Maritime Museum was created in 1910 and has a vast collection dedicated to the sea. Artifacts focus on maritime and fishing activity in the Algarve. Three rooms--Baldaque da Silva, Lyster Franco, Manuel Bívar—display model ships, fishing equipment and gear, tool, and navigational equipment.
Centro Ciencia Viva Algarve Faro

Children’s Life Science Center – Faro

The Life Science Center of the Algarve is loads of fun for kids and adults. Inside, the focus is on ocean life. 30 modules covering areas such as the evolution of the oceans, biodiversity, physics of the sea and the environment. Kids get right up close to these exhibits, and actually take part...
Algarve by Segway Faro

Algarve by Segway – Faro

Bike riding? Very old school. Tour bus? Too crowded. Horseback riding? Too stinky. Walking tours? Why?!?! See the Algarve by way of the coolest, high-tech, ecologically safe vehicle there is….a Segway. This two-wheeled, self-balancing, personal transport is easy, intuitive and fun.
museu Faro Municipal Museum

Municipal Museum of Faro

The Faro Municipal Museum was established in 1894. It resides in a 16th century building of the former Convent of Our Lady of the Assumption. A collection of 17th and 19th century artwork from Portuguese, Itali...