Medieval Days Castro Marim algarve

Medieval Days at Castro Marim 2017 – 23-27 August

Step back in time for four days in late August as the Castro Marim Castle returns to Medieval Times. Kings and queens rule. Maidens pour ale. Knights joust. Jesters entertain. And, families have a great time.
Camera Obscura Torre de Tavira

Camera Obscura in the Tower of Tavira

Built in an old water tower, just steps from the Tavira Castle, the Camera Obscura is based on a simple optic principle used as far back at the 15th century. A kind of periscope affixed to the roof of the tower projects the view of the city in light through two magnifying mirrors directly....
castelo Tavira Castle algarve

Tavira Castle

The Castle of Tavira sits high in the center of city. Although now just a shell, it sits in tribute to a greater monument built in the 11th century by the Moors. Today, visitors can roam the grounds. A manicured garden now replaces the old castle parade. It is possible to climb the walls...
castelo Alcoutim Castle algarve portugal

Alcoutim Castle

The Alcoutim Castle was built in the 14th century to defend the border from invaders. It sits atop a hill overlooking the Guardiana River and Spain. Inside the walls of the castle are several interesting attrac...
Tavira Municipal Museum

Municipal Museum of Archaeology – Tavira

The 16th century Palácio da Galeria is the home for Tavira’s Municipal Museum. It is the city’s focal point for cultural events and programs. The museum has revolving art exhibitions, but it also maintains a permanent collection of regional artifacts, including pieces from Phoenician origin...
Castelo Castro Marim

Castro Marim Castle

Built in the thirteenth century by King Afonso III, Castro Marim Castle sits on a high hilltop overlooking the mouth of the Guardiana river. It is considered by scholars as one of the most significant monuments of medieval Portuguese in the region. The castle shaped is an irregular quadrangle...
Centro Ciencia Viva Tavira

Children’s Life Science Center – Tavira

At the Life Science Center of Tavira kids learn a little while playing a lot. See how bright you can make a light by exercising your muscles. See how water produces electricity in a dam. Decide where to place w...