Igreja São Lourenço Church - Almancil

São Lourenço Church – Almancil

The Church of São Lourenço (St. Lawrence) in Almancil is considered one of the greatest artistic treasures in the Algarve. Built in the first half of the 18th century, it is a single nave church with a chancel covered by a beautiful dome. Extraordinary examples of Portuguese azulejos...
festival med loule

Festival Med 2017 in Loulé – 29 June to 2 July

75 hours of music. 55 concerts. 9 stages. 1 festival! During Festival Med, the old city center of Loulé is transformed into a giant Mediterranean bazaar with music, food and activities for the whole family.
Krazy World Algoz Algarve

Krazy World Zoo, Water Park & More – Algoz

Krazy World is CRAZY. It’s a theme park. It’s a zoo. It’s a water park. It’s fun for the whole family. Animals are a large part of this attraction. In the Amazon, there are crocodiles, snakes, lizards and turtles. In another area, Krazy world has camels, llamas and deer. Kids get up-close-and-personal...
Cerro da Vila vilamoura

Cerro da Vila – Vilamoura

In the late 2nd century, the Algarve was controlled by the Roman Empire under Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus. The land where Vilamoura is now was used primarily for agriculture. Ruins of a large villa complex remain here today...
Luso aventura albufeira

Luso Aventura – Adventure Park in Albufeira

Let your kids climb trees and swing from ropes in a real natural forest. Parque Aventura in Albufeira is a treetop acrobat park safe for kids (and adults) of all ages. Each session consists of moving from tree-to-tree through a series of challenging physical games and varied height trails.
Family Golf park vilamoura, vilamoura roma golf,

Family Golf Park Vilamoura

Everyone loves mini-golf! Family Fun Park is a recreational and entertainment complex for kids of all ages. Two 18-hole courses, Via Appia and Via Lusitania, meander around lushly manicured grounds resembling an old Roman garden. At the end of the game, the fun continues.
bone chapel faro

Bone Chapel – Faro

In the Bone chapel of faro, it is written of the door, “Stop here and think of the fate that will befall you – 1816”. Not that you have anything to worry about. The skulls, femurs, vertebrae and other human bones are of monks of the local Carmelite order. This strange décor is actually a ...