Sintra, just on the northern outskirts of Lisbon, is a magical city indeed. Home to an 8th century Moorish castle, an 19th century palace and a delightful traditional village, Sintra is full of charm, romance, history and fascination. To discover the essence of this town, visitors may now explore the Sintra Mitos e Lendas (Myths and Legends) exhibition at the Sintra Tourist Bureau.



The multimedia journey of 17 exhibition spaces is spread across several floors. An elevator delivers guests to the third floor to witness the panoramic landscape and hear stories about the formation of the Penhas (rocky cliffs) and the “Legend of the Five Sintra Heights”. On the second floor, historical events and legends from the area are presented using interactive displays and video mapping.

Entering the first floor, lifelike holograms tell stories of the “Tomb of the Two Brothers” and “Exclamations of Woe”. In a kinetic experience, visitors dodge obstacles in an imaginary forest trying not to get hit and exclaim “woe”! Trues stories from the area are described via animated portraits. And, the story of Fatima is presented in a multisensory show including wind and scent effects.

A perilous journey awaits visitors in the basement. Guest walk through a “Initiation Well” tunnel and climb aboard a ship on rough high seas, before exiting peacefully by way of an enchanted forest.

Sintra Mitos e Lendas
Praça da República, 23

Phone: +351 219 231 157

Hours: Everyday – 9:30 to 18:00

■ Adult – €4.50
■ Children (ages 6 to 15 years) – €2.00
■ Children (up to 5 years) – Free
■ Seniors & Students €3.50
■ Family (2 adults & 2 children 6-15 years) – €12.00

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