The Roman Ruins of Milreu sit just outside Faro near the village of Estoi. The site was uncovered in 1877 by archaeologist Estacio da Veiga. Evidence indicates the site was originally a farm house built in the first century. In the third century, the structure was turned into luxurious villa, featuring baths and floors covered in marine motif mosaics. Remains of a fourth century Christian church are also on the site. And, it appears the site was used for Muslim burials. The farm was abandoned in the 10th century due to the collapse of its vaulted ceilings, but a new home was built at the end of the 15th and start of the 16th century. In addition to this, two mausoleums can be seen and a peristyle with 22 columns, alongside an open courtyard, with a garden and the respective water tank.

Roman Ruins of Milreu
Rua de Faro
Near Estoi
Central Algarve

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Milreu roman ruins faro algarve portugal

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