Kids are always told to not play with matches. Well, here, at the Matches Museum (Museu dos Fósforos in Tomar, kids will delight in the stories the matchbooks tell and the strange forms in which the matchbook product was designed.

The Matches Museum is housed at the Convent of San Francisco. On exhibit is the vast collection of matchbook connoisseur Aquiles da Mota Lima. Over 27 years, Mota Lima collected more than 43,000 matchbook cases and wallets, and 16,000 match book labels.

There are many unique items in this collection. See an original matchbook from France, a HUGE box from Belgium with matches 40 centimeters long, matchbooks with Italian cartoons, and hand embroidered and painted Portuguese matchbooks. There are matchbooks with characters of famous celebrities, puzzle piece matchbooks that create an image when placed together, and a set of 50 with children’s storybook themes.

For more information visit the Museu dos Fósforos – Aquiles da Mota Lima website.

Museu dos Fósforos – Aquiles da Mota Lima
Avenida General Bernardo Faria

Phone: +351 249 329 814

– 10.00 to 17.00 (Winter)
– 10.00 to 19.00 (Summer)
– Closed on the 25th December and 1st January

Entrance:  Free



Museu dos Fosforos

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