In 1755, Portugal had a terrible earthquake. When workers in Lisbon were cleaning up from the disaster, they discovered remnants of an old Roman village buried beneath the city. They climbed down into the hole and found stone passageways, rooms, chambers and bridges that are two thousand years old.

It is believed that these old passageways are from the time when Agustus ruled Rome, which was from the 1st century BC and the 1st century AD.

Today, the entrance to this underground world is through a hole in the street on Rua da Prata. During most of the year, the ruins are closed because they are flooded. After city workers clean up the mess from the flood, the ruins are open to the public…but only for a few days every April and September.

Access by Conceição street next to nº 77. | Last entrance at 17.30
Group visits, scheduling not necessary | Free Admission  |  Phone: +351 217 513 200

For more information, visit the Museu da Cidade website.



Galerias Romans Lisboa Lisbon

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5 Responses

  1. Nicole

    Why only open April and September? Are they trying to avoid too much foot traffic during peak travel/tourist season? We are coming to Portugal from the US for two weeks beginning June 30, would have loved to see this!

    • Editor

      Hi Nicole.

      First, thank you for your interest in Portugal Confidential FAMILY.

      Our understanding of the restricted hours is that: 1) often the catacombs are flooded during seasonal rains (there are two streams that run under Lisbon); and 2) indeed, they try to limit the amount of traffic, thereby limiting the potential for destruction.

      There is plenty to see and do in Lisbon and across Portugal. We are sure you won’t be disappointed.

      Safe travels.

      • Scott Boniface

        Hi there – am in Lisbon and was under the impression they would be open 17,18,19 April. Can you confirm if this is correct please?
        Thanks Scott

      • Editor

        Hello Scott. Welcome to Lisbon. However, sincere apologies for the misinformation. The dates on the post you saw had not been updated from the previous year. The city arbitrarily sets new dates each year. It appears the next opening times will be in September. Please consult the Lisbon City Museum website. Coincidentally, the city has an exhibition opening on Wednesday called “Under our Feet, Historic Pavements of Lisbon.” Have a safe and fun visit.

  2. Scott

    soooo cool. Cant wait as i am v lucky to have my trip coincide with these dates. Will be a def starter. Yeeyah


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