Everybody loves a zoo. And, the Lagos Zoo aims to please both visitors and residents.

Human visitors get the chance to experience over 120 animal species of mammals, birds, and reptiles as well as over 200 types of botanical specimens. The primate area for monkeys and apes, and the flight tunnel for exotic birds, are the more popular attractions. Kids can mingle with domestic animals in the Children’s Farm.

For the animal residents, conservation and preservation are closing observed. Specially-designed homes suitable to animals’ natural habitats provide the best conditions for their care in captivity. Feeding time seems to be a popular time of day for both residents and their guest observers.

Other areas include a multimedia room, restaurant, snack bar, shop, picnic area and playground.

For more information, visit the Lagos Zoo website.

Lagos Zoo
Quinta Figueiras
Sítio Medronhal
Barão de S. João

Phone: +351 282 680 100
Email:  geral@zoolagos.com

1 April to 31 September – 10:00 to 19:00
1 October to 31 March – 10:00 to 17:00

Children (ages 4-11) – €12
Adults – €16
Seniors (65 years and over) – €14



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