Immerse your family in the world of motorsport by taking them for a day to the Kartódromo at the ParqueAlgar Autodrome. Two circuits of 697 meters and 827 meters provide a two types of thrilling driving experiences. Karts are adaptable to the technical requirements and ability of individual drivers. Each program is customized, including a briefing session. A team of professionals monitor the course at all times. It’s the perfect place to hone driving skills of future racers. For more information, visit the Kartódromo Facebook page.

Algarve International Kartodromo
Sítio do Escampadinho
Mexilhoeira Grande

Phone: (+351) 282 405 650

Hours: Every day until 18:00

– Weekdays – starting at €10 (mini) and €12 (270cc) for 5 minutes, incremental increases up
to €45 (mini) and €60 (270cc) for 1 hour.
– Rates increase slightly on the weekends.



Kartodromo Portimao algarve


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