The Fortaleza Sagres (also known as Sagres Castle or Fort Sagres) sits atop the Ponta de Sagres, in the southwestern-most point of Portugal. The fortress was built in the 15th century by Prince Henry (right before the Portuguese Discoveries). The fort was heavily damaged due to a run in with the English pirate Francis Drake, and later by the earthquake of 1755. The fortress walls curtain off the land-side of the Ponta. There are watchtowers on either end of the wall. Inside, visitors can see the remains of ancient dwellings and the Our Lady of Grace Church. Additionally, there are stunning cliff-top views of Mareta and Cabo de São Vincente.

Fortaleza de Sagres
Rua Fortaleza
Western Algarve

Phone: +351 282 620 140

Everyday, May to September – 10:00 to 20:30
Everyday, October to April – 10:00 to 18:30
Closed on May 1 and Christmas.



Fortaleza Sagres

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