In central Portugal, and particularly in the small village of Aldeia do Bispo, the chestnut has always been an substantial crop for food, as well as an important element in the heritage of the villagers. At the Museu da Castanha (Chestnut Museum), the entire “Cylce of the Chestnut,” fromseed to harvest, is celebrated. As well, exhibits explain the diversity of functions the chestnut plays in household economy, traditional medicine, culture, crafts, oral tradition and entertainment.

The museum schedules crafts workshops related to the chestnut, as well as recreation of chestnut markets and the celebratory “magusto” (a bonfire for roasting chestnuts).

On occasion, the museum features temporary exhibitions of painting, sculpture, embroidery and lace, handmade tapestry and photography.

For more information visit the Museu da Castanha website.

Museu da Castanha
Rua da Carreira
Aldeia do Bispo
Central Portugal

Phone: +351 968 178 390

– Sundays – 14.30 to 16.30
– Opened also on 1st January, 1st November, 8th November and 25th December

Free entrance



museu castanha Aldeia do Bispo museu castanha Aldeia do Bispo

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