museu castanha Aldeia do Bispo

Chestnut Museum (Museu da Castanha) in Aldeia do Bispo

In central Portugal, and particularly in the small village of Aldeia do Bispo, the chestnut has always been an substantial crop for food, as well as an important element in the heritage of the villagers. At the Museu da Castanha (Chestnut Museum), the entire “Cylce of the Chestnut,” from seed to harvest...
Jewish Heritage Center Faro Isaac Britton Museum

Jewish Cemetery & Isaac Bitton Museum – Faro

he Faro Jewish Cemetery is the last remaining vestige of the post inquisition Jewish presence in the Algarve. 106 graves in the cemetery, which is paved with Portuguese calçada. 71 of the graves have inscriptions indicating burials took place here from 1838 to 1932. There is a tahara house...
castelo Alcoutim Castle algarve portugal

Alcoutim Castle

The Alcoutim Castle was built in the 14th century to defend the border from invaders. It sits atop a hill overlooking the Guardiana River and Spain. Inside the walls of the castle are several interesting attrac...
Tavira Municipal Museum

Municipal Museum of Archaeology – Tavira

The 16th century Palácio da Galeria is the home for Tavira’s Municipal Museum. It is the city’s focal point for cultural events and programs. The museum has revolving art exhibitions, but it also maintains a permanent collection of regional artifacts, including pieces from Phoenician origin...
Albufeira - Museu Municipal de Arqueologia

Municipal Museum of Archaeology – Albufeira

Located in the heart of the old city, the Municipal Archaeological Museum of Albufeira exhibits a collection of artifacts found in the area. The collection, assembled by Father Jose Manuel de Azevedo is divided into four sections: Prehistory, Roman Period, Islamic Period, and Modern Age.
Castelo Castro Marim

Castro Marim Castle

Built in the thirteenth century by King Afonso III, Castro Marim Castle sits on a high hilltop overlooking the mouth of the Guardiana river. It is considered by scholars as one of the most significant monuments of medieval Portuguese in the region. The castle shaped is an irregular quadrangle...
Milreu roman ruins faro algarve portugal

Roman Ruins at Milreu – Estoi

The Roman Ruins of Milreu sit just outside Faro near the village of Estoi. The site was uncovered in 1877 by archaeologist Estacio da Veiga. Evidence indicates the site was originally a farm house built in the first century. In the third century, the structure was turned into luxurious villa, featuring baths and...