museu de lanificios covilhã, wool museum covilha portugal

Wool Museum (Museu de Lanifícios) in Covilhã

  For centuries, Covilhã was an important city in the region for the production and manufacturing of wool for clothes, coats and blankets. Shepherds from the nearby mountain of Serra da Estrela brought wo...
Cerro da Vila vilamoura

Cerro da Vila – Vilamoura

In the late 2nd century, the Algarve was controlled by the Roman Empire under Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus. The land where Vilamoura is now was used primarily for agriculture. Ruins of a large villa complex remain here today...
Casa Medieval Welcome Center Coimbra Portugal

Casa Medieval Welcome Center & Walking Tours – Coimbra

Welcome to Coimbra!....the third largest city in Portugal, a former capital of the country (from 1131 to 1255), home to one of the oldest universities in Europe (established 1537) and filled with a very rich culture from architecture to fado. Don’t miss seeing a single monument...
Museu Machado de Castro Coimbra

National Museum Machado de Castro in Coimbra

The National Museum Machado de Castro features many historical and antique objects originating from the churches and convents of Coimbra and the region. When the last religious orders closed (around 1834), many of their possessions were brought to the Instituto de Coimbra and...
Museu da Marioneta lisboa, marionette museum lisbon,

Museu da Marioneta – Puppet Museum in Lisbon

Residing the in the restored Convento das Bernardas, Lisbon’s Museu da Marioneta (Puppet Museum) is the first and only museum in Portugal entirely dedicated to displaying, understanding and archiving marionette puppetry. Visitors will get a whole overview of the world of puppetry.
Museu Manuel Cargaleiro Castelo Branco portugal

Cargaleiro Museum (Museu Cargaleiro) – Castelo Branco

Cargaleiro Museum is a showcase for a vast collection of works held by the Foundation Manuel Cargaleiro. These include colorful paintings, ceramics, tiles and tapestries, by the renowned Portuguese artist. The museum itself is housed in two separate, but connecting buildings, the 18th century Solar Cavaleiros mansion...
Museu Jose Malhoa

José Malhoa Museum (Museu José Malhoa) – Caldas da Rainha

Created in 1933, the Museum José Malhoa, is the first purpose built museum in Portugal. It was created to honor a vast collection of of works by noted Portuguese naturalist painter José Malhoa (1855-1933). The museum's collection includes paintings, sculptures, medals, drawings and...