Museu Brinquedo Seia

Toy Museum of Seia (Museu do Brinquedo)

The Toy Museum of Seia celebrates toys from past and present, and from Portugal and around the world. 8000 toys are in the collection. Wow! The museum is divided into several sections: knowing the world by playing; childhood memories; playing is dreaming; and Portugal, decades of...
Bairrada wine museum

Bairrada Wine Museum (O Museu do Vinho – Bairrada)

This museum is emphasizes history the wine-producing region of Bairrada in central Portugal. Six themed rooms, with filled with archaeological, ethnological and technical objects, shows the importance of the wine industry. Other features of the museum include educational activities...
Museu dos Fosforos tomar

Matches Museum (Museu dos Fósforos) in Tomar

Kids are always told to not play with matches. Well, here, at the Matches Museum (Museu dos Fósforos in Tomar, kids will delight in the stories the matchbooks tell and the strange forms in which the matchbook product was designed. The Matches Museum is housed at the Convent of San Francisco.