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Ceramics Museum (Museu da Cerâmica) – Caldas da Rainha

The Ceramics Museum (Museu da Cerâmica) is housed in the beautiful former mansion of Viscount Sacavém, a collector, ceramist and important patron of ceramics artisans in Caldas da Rainha. The museum collection consists of representative works, from the 16th to 20th centuries...
Museu da Pedra

The Stone Museum (Museu da Pedra) in Cantanhede

Stones and stonework from the Stone Age and more! The Stone Museum (Museu da Pedra) in Cantanhede features artifacts collected at various prehistoric and Roman-era archaeological sites in the region. The exhibition includes decorative pieces made with “stone Ançã," religious statuary...
museu castanha Aldeia do Bispo

Chestnut Museum (Museu da Castanha) in Aldeia do Bispo

In central Portugal, and particularly in the small village of Aldeia do Bispo, the chestnut has always been an substantial crop for food, as well as an important element in the heritage of the villagers. At the Museu da Castanha (Chestnut Museum), the entire “Cylce of the Chestnut,” from seed to harvest...
Museu do Brincar Vagos

Play Museum (Museu do Brincar) in Vagos

The Play Museum (or Museu do Brincar) was founded by the Harlequin Theatre for Children, which dedicates itself to collecting toys and other childhood objects (clothing, school supplies, children's literature, collecting, etc.). There are already 15,000 pieces in the collection.
Museu do Pao seia

Bread Museum (Museu do Pão) in Seia

Who can’t resist the Bread Museum?!?! The Bread Museum in Seia, the entire family can learn the process of how bread is made, taste some delicious regional products and even sit down to a lovely traditional Portuguese meal. Inside the museum, kids follow the "Cycle of Bread."
Museu Arte Nova - Copyright Portugal Confidential - feature

Art Nouveau Museum (Museu Arte Nova) in Aveiro

Few know that Aveiro is a true center for the Paris-school of art nouveau architecture. The city center is full of spectacular buildings façades featuring this distinctive style of design. The Museu de Arte Nova honors the Portuguese heritage of art nouveau.