Catarina de Braganca

Portuguese Princess Catarina Brings Tea to Britain

Catarina de Bragança was born in 1638. She was the daughter of King John IV of Portugal. In 1661, Catarina married King Charles II of England. Her title was Queen Consort of England, Scotland and Ireland. ...
Sao Joao Hammers

Hammer on the Head at Porto’s São João Festival

In Portugal, June is the month in which cities and villages across the county pay tribute to the patron saint of their town with celebrations. In Porto, Portugal’s second largest city, they throw a HUGE street party on the night of 23 June to honor their favorite saint, São João (St. John). This celebration has taken place for six centuries, and over that time, many traditions have been created specific to ....
UK Portugal flags

Oldest Friendship in the World

Portugal and Britain are best friends. In fact, they have the oldest friendship in the entire world. Officially, it is called the Anglo-Portuguese Alliance, and it has been in effect since both countries signed the Treaty of Windsor in 1386.  
ola bom dia

Portuguese Is Spoken in 9 Countries

In total, this is 236 million people! In fact, Portuguese is the 6th most spoken language in the world. It is the 3rd most spoken language in the western hemisphere. And, it is the most spoken language in the southern hemisphere.
Vasco da Gama Bridge. Europes longest bridge,

Europe’s Longest Bridge

The Vasco da Gama Bridge in Lisbon is the longest bridge in Europe. It is a total length of 17.2 kilometers (or 10.7 miles). It is named after the great Portuguese ocean navigator, Vasco da Gama. 3,300 workers helped build the bridge.

The Rhinoceros of Belem Tower

The arrival of the animal to Lisbon caused quite a stir, not only in Portugal, but elsewhere in Europe. An animal of such a strange appearance had never been seen before. The rhino weighed more than two tons, and had a thick and rough skin forming three...
Galerias Romans Lisboa

Secret Roman City under Lisbon

In 1755, Portugal had a terrible earthquake. When workers in Lisbon were cleaning up from the disaster, they discovered remnants of an old Roman village buried beneath the city. They climbed down into the hole and found stone passageways, rooms, chambers and bridges that are two thousand years old.