Luso aventura albufeira

Luso Aventura – Adventure Park in Albufeira

Let your kids climb trees and swing from ropes in a real natural forest. Parque Aventura in Albufeira is a treetop acrobat park safe for kids (and adults) of all ages. Each session consists of moving from tree-to-tree through a series of challenging physical games and varied height trails.
tennis algave vilamoura kids children

Tennis Academy – Vilamoura

Kids love the Tennis Academy in Vilamoura. This is a facility with 10 courts and a multitude of classes for all ages and all skill levels. If Mom and Dad are the only serious players at the moment, there are m...
international surf school sagres algarve

International Surf School – Sagres

Surfing is fun! And, one of the best spots to surf is in Sagres. This location takes advantage of both the south and west coasts, meaning there’s always a good spot to practice. International Surf School have classes to get all members of your family riding waves. Minimum age for students is four years.