Built in the thirteenth century by King Afonso III, Castro Marim Castle sits on a high hilltop overlooking the mouth of the Guardiana river. It is considered by scholars as one of the most significant monuments of medieval Portuguese in the region. The castle shaped is an irregular quadrangle, with four turrets at the corners of the walls. Inside the walls is the Old Castle building, Church of Our Lady of Martyrs and the Ethnographic Museum of Castro Marim. The castle enjoys panoramic views over the river, the marshland reserve, the hills of the Algarve, Spain, the salt flats and beaches that coast. Across the river in Spain, the Ayamonte Castle protects the opposite shoreline.

Castelo de Castro Marim
Castro Marim
East Alvarve

Phone: +351 281 510 746

April to October – 9:00 to 19:00
November to March – 9:00 to 17:00



Castelo Castro Marim

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