City Water Slide – Across Portugal Summer 2015

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City Water Slide…the urban water fun sensation born in the U.S and is spreading across Europe…is coming to Portugal in Summer 2015| A 300 meters long will be installed in cities across the country. Look for City Water Slide to be in Porto, Lisbon, Portimão, Braga, Figueira da Foz and more.

Old Stuff

Wool Museum (Museu de Lanifícios) in Covilhã

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  For centuries, Covilhã was an important city in the region for the production and manufacturing of wool for clothes, coats and blankets. Shepherds from the nearby mountain of Serra da Estrela brought wool they shaved from their sheep. The villagers washed the wool, dyed it and woven it into beautiful fabrics. The Wool Museum […]


O Jardim Zoológico – Awesome Animals at the Lisbon Zoo

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Opening its doors in 1884, the Jardim Zoológico (Lisbon Zoo) was the first park with fauna and flora of the Iberian Peninsula. This special garden invites you to spend an unforgettable day in the centre of Lisbon. Dare to be kissed by a sea lion …

Water Parks

Slide & Splash – Lagoa

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Slide & Splash in Lagoa is spread out over 16,000 acres. It is considered the largest water park in the Portugal, and one of the largest…and best…in all of Europe. Many rides and attractions for kids of all ages. Visit the Kamikaze, 60-feet two parallel speed slides. Ride an inner-tube down rapid river.

Fun Facts

Secret Roman City under Lisbon

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In 1755, Portugal had a terrible earthquake. When workers in Lisbon were cleaning up from the disaster, they discovered remnants of an old Roman village buried beneath the city. They climbed down into the hole and found stone passageways, rooms, chambers and bridges that are two thousand years old.


Grutas de Mira de Aire – Caves, Water Park, Animals & More in Leiria

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Not in Lisbon, exactly….but just an hour drive to the north in Leiria is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the Portugal….The Grutas de Mira de Aire (Caves of Mira de Aire). This multi-amusement park is one of the biggest natural attractions in Portugal. 11.5 kilometers of caves make up this unique geographical formation.