Perlim, Quinta of Dreams Christmas Festival – 4 Dec to 4 Jan, Santa Maria de Feira

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Perlim is a world of magic and fantasy that promises to surprise the entire family at Christmas From 4 December to 4 January, the city of Santa Maria da Feira opens the doors of the largest Christmas theme park in the north of Portugal. This will be the seventh edition of the Christmas fair, which […]

Old Stuff

National Museum Machado de Castro in Coimbra

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The National Museum Machado de Castro features many historical and antique objects originating from the churches and convents of Coimbra and the region. When the last religious orders closed (around 1834), many of their possessions were brought to the Instituto de Coimbra and…


Adventure Park – Two Locations in Lisbon

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Tired of museums and castles? Get some exercise and experience adventure. The Adventure Park offers safe, outdoor thrills in the treetops. Kids of all ages can participate in the adrenaline- raising activities. There are two parks in the Lisbon area to enjoy: at the Jamor Sport Complex…


World Of Discoveries – Porto

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World of Discoveries is an interactive museum and theme park reliving the adventures and Portuguese navigators and discoverer in the 15th and 16th centuries. This amusement and learning center follows the brave men as they ventured out into an unknown world finding new…