Festival Play 2015 – Cinema São Jorge, 31 January to 8 February

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Hey Kids! Step away from the Playstation, grab your parents and tell them you want to go to Cinema São Jorge for another kind of “play”….the Festival Play! For nine days, the theater is ground zero for the world of children’s film. Over 100 short and feature-length movies, for children up to 13 years old…

Old Stuff

Côa Museum (Museu de Côa) in Vila Nova de Foz Côa

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Rock art is the oldest graphic memory of mankind. The Côa Valley, in central Portugal, is considered one of the most important rock art sites in the world, and is the most important site with Paleolithic rock art outdoors. The Côa Museum is the center-point for this great collection of rock art in the area.


Grutas de Mira de Aire – Caves, Water Park, Animals & More in Leiria

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Not in Lisbon, exactly….but just an hour drive to the north in Leiria is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the Portugal….The Grutas de Mira de Aire (Caves of Mira de Aire). This multi-amusement park is one of the biggest natural attractions in Portugal. 11.5 kilometers of caves make up this unique geographical formation.


Camera Obscura at Castelo São Jorge in Lisbon

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See the best views of Lisbon….all from one giant plate. It’s the camera obscura at Castelo São Jorge. A camera obscura is an optical system of lenses and mirrors. Versions of this device can be traced back in time to 470 BC. It is the great, great grandfather of modern cameras.